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Welcome to Drum Circles co za - a Drumming Guys domain

We operate throughout South Africa: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban, and provide interactive drumming circles for team building, parties, private and corporate events, as well as drummers, DJ's and entertainment.
We also specialise in making high quality hand made african drums and percussion instruments.

Drum circle team building is a highly effective way of bringing people together in an amiable social environment.
When a group of people come together to drum, it is a powerful and moving experience - this is what makes group drumming so popular. The rhythmic beating of the drums brings everyone onto the same page, and within minutes the entire group can be synchronised. The experience of participating in this group drumming activity is highly memorable, mentally stimulating, and good for the body physically.
The drumming team building experience also increases socialisation and morale, reduces stress, and acts as a metaphor for working together in harmony, in the work place and other spheres of life.

There are different types of group drumming - social drum circles: the freestyle session where participants can play as they wish without having a specific leader;
and interactive drum circles - where the group is led and guided by experienced drummers.

For interactive drumming circles: there is a facilitator, or facilitators - who set the tone and tempo for the drumming session, teaching specific rhythms and maintaining a sense of order within the group - while working towards a specific goal. Interactive drumming team building is what we specialise in.

Drum circle team building

This team building activity - where the drumming team building session is facilitated by professional drumming facilitators - can be used to achieve various outcomes. Group drumming for team building is also known as interactive drumming - because our facilitators interact with the team, and the team becomes part of the performance. Which unites everyone in a spirit of comraderie.

Outcomes of a team building drumming session can be:

  • Improving inter-personal socialisation and team unity.
  • Working together in harmony, improving communication.
  • Delivering a message using drumming as a metaphor.
  • Bringing different people (or groups) together.
  • Promoting harmony within the group or company.
  • Building team morale.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Working towards a common goal, team work makes achievement possible.

This makes interactive drumming highly effective for team building, promoting harmony in the workplace, and enhancing a team's group identity and unity. Drumming team building is an activity suitable for Corporates, Schools, Churches, and any organisation - and it has proven to be highly effective and popular across all cultures and age groups.

We provide team building in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Durban, Cape Town and all surrounding areas. We can travel to where ever your event is - just let us know when and where...


Drumming circles for parties

An interactive drumming circle is great for parties and social occasions, since playing drums is popular amongst all age groups and crosses cultural boundaries with ease.
We use djembe drums (sometimes referred to as bongos - although they are different drums) because they are very responsive instruments, and the african rhythms we teach can be learnt easily without requiring an extensive introduction to hand techniques.

The interactive drumming experience also makes it easier for people to join in the rhythm as a group - when a group plays a rhythm (sets up a consistent groove), it becomes easier for more people to join in - the group rhythm unites everyone - and in no time the entire group is playing as one drum. This is a powerful and moving experience.
This also requires having facilitators who are professional drummers, and experienced in teaching groups. As well as being able to adapt quickly to the unique circumstances that a live event may present.

Interactive drumming circles are suitable for kids and adults birthday parties, weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties and celebrations, social get-togethers, church groups, corporate health and wellness days, and much more..

We operate throughout South Africa: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town & Durban, and abroad.

Enquire for more information, or to see how we can be of assistance.


Teambuilding Activities
We offer team building drumming sessions throughout South Africa.

Unite your team with a highly memorable group drumming experience!

We also offer Gumboot dance sessions, and African drumming and dance.

We can offer extended team building sessions with several activities.

Contact us for more info or a quotation.

Drum Circles

Facilitated interactive drum circles and interactive drumming for parties, corporate and social events.

Kids drumming parties.
Bachelor's & Bachelorette's.
Birthdays and anniversaries.
Health and Wellness days.
Church socials.

Drum Performances

African drumming
Welcome drummers
African drumming & dance
Afro-cuban drumming
Middle Eastern drumming
Darbuka & Bellydance

Welcome drummers for guests at: Weddings; conferences; events; product launches...

Drum Shop & Repairs

We sell a wide variety of drums: Djembes, bongos, congas, doun douns and a number of authentic hand drums, as well as percussion instruments.

Djembe drums for sale
Djembe drums for sale.
Bongo drums for sale.
All sizes available.

Drum repairs and head replacement for djembes, bongos, congas and african drums. Enquire for more information.

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